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The Barking Shark

Shark's Perspective

Cool, Clear Water

Wow, it's hot out here! My owner always has some cool, clear water for me to drink. Actually, sometimes it's not so cool when the temperature rises, but it's clean. I need lots of it when it's hot, and it's no good when it's days old and full of scum and algae. Why don't people realize that I need good clean water just like they do? It's really important to my health, but sometimes people don't take the time to think about my health when it comes to water.

I drink a lot, especially in the summer. That's why it's really hard to monitor when owners have automatic waterers. They don't know if I'm drinking what I should be drinking. Although water troughs are harder to maintain and clean, at least the people have an idea of how much I'm drinking on a daily basis, but the troughs do need to be cleaned regularly. I won't drink water that's full of algae, and then I'll become dehydrated. Pam's good about cleaning my trough, but I know a lot of people aren't.

Just think of it! On a hot day it's nice to splash and drink cool, clear water. Kids like to run under the sprinkler or jump in the pool to cool off. Well, I don't have a pond to jump in and I don't have a sprinkler to run under, but I do enjoy splashing in my water trough and making puddles and then pawing in them and making my face all muddy.

Pam always laughs at me after I've been playing in the water and have a dirty face, but I'm a happy horse for doing it and she doesn't mind. It seems to make her happy that I'm happy. So, I hope you'll all make sure that your horses have plenty of good cool, clear water for the summer. I'm just trying to help my kin.

If you have any questions, I'm sure Pam will be happy to try to answer them for you. She's taken good care of me... and even gives me carrots while she's filling my trough full of cool, clear water. Fringe benefits...

I am...

The Barking Shark

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