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GEVA's Boutique

Why not do your gift shopping for your horsey friends here with GEVA!!!
All proceeds go to support the horses at the farm; tax deductions may apply.


Custom Cutting Saddle #1
This is a custom 16" flat seat, roughout suede

Hand tooled basket weave skirts, fender cantle and pommel Unique detail in silver on skirt corners, pommel caps, cone conchos
Holes for cantle
Braided rawhide horn
Billets and fleece in good condition

Get this beautiful and unique custom made saddle for that special gift for that special person, even if it's for yourself!!
Questions gladly answered; price upon request, plus shipping.


Custom Cutting Saddle #2
This is a beautiful custom saddle by noted saddle maker Sean Ryon of Fort Worth, TX.
It has a 15 1/2 to 16" seat, which slopes back
Hand tooled acorn pattern on skirts, fender, cantle and pommel
Cut away skirt
Pistol grip horn
Fleece and billets in excellent condition
Sean Ryon's saddles are some of the most sought after in the cutting world.  Treat someone to a nice surprise.
Questions are welcome; price upon request, plus shipping.

Left Side

Kieffer Dressage Saddle
This is a gorgeous black dressage saddle by world renowned German saddle maker Gg. Kieffer.
This has a 17"  deep seat for rider comfort
Cut-back design for wither comfort
Moderate hidden knee rolls
Excellent tree provides close contact
Smooth supple black leather including girth and stirrup leathers
Complete with stirrups
Kieffer has been making outstanding saddles for generations.  If you're looking for an excellent pre-owned dressage saddle, this is the one, complete with fittings.
Price upon request, plus shipping.  Ask your questions.
Original works of art by GEVA's equine residents:
The following oil paintings were created by GEVA's horses, with some help by volunteers.

Each work is non toxic paint, matted and framed. A history of the "artist" is on the back of the work. These works of art are equal to or better that some of the human artwork being shown, but make your own choice.
"Tiny" Camden Woods
Anything but tiny, he's now retired from the Grand Prix circuit and along with playing has shown he has a second career as an artist.
Lavender mat, gold frame, 14x17
"Rio"  Painted Verse
A double registered Quarter Horse and Paint, Rio is living up to his name.
Dark burgundy mat, gold frame, 14x17
Artsy, craftsy and cute items:
Horse and Dog Dishtowels
These excellent quality 100% cotton dishtowels can be used for lots more than drying dishes!  Look what a cute pillow it made! Their use is only limited by your imagination. $12.00 each including shipping.
Decorated Race Horse Shoes
Imagine the shoe of some winning race horse to bring you good luck!  These shoes are all hand painted and decorated in various colors and designs. They make great gifts.
$10.00 each or 5 for $40.00 or 10 for $70.00 including shipping.
Horsey Notecards
These are all photographs of horses with GEVA in their natural surroundings. They're packaged with photos of different horses.
Packaged 4 cards, blank inside, with envelopes -  $10.00
Packaged 4 thank you cards, blank inside, with envelopes -  $10.00
Packaged 8 cards, blank inside, with envelopes -  $15.00
GEVA's horses in the picture!
Any photographs of the horses by Christine Churchill that appear on this site are also available for sale either matted and framed or just the photograph in whatever size. Please contact us for details and pricing on these beautiful photographs.
New Additions:

Wood Sign - Put some fun between your legs....ride a horse!
Large - $12 each
Small - $8 each

Wood Sign - Speak your mind, but ride a fast horse
Large - $12 each
Small - $8 each

Wood Sign - Born Free ~ Expensive Now
Large - $12 each
Small - $8 each

Horse Pillow
$10 each

Book - Great Horse Racing Mysteries - New
$10 each

Book - If I Had a Horse - New
Includes DVD
$35 each

Bags for Bags
2 other prints available
$7 each


All funds generated through any of our events or activities are used for the care of the horses at the farm.  We have no employees, so there are no salaries paid.  Your donation and participation goes directly to the cost of maintaining the horses, which is increasing daily.  Your help and support is appreciated in any amount.

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(Bilingual available)

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