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Adult Riding Instruction

GEVA is now offering adult riding lesions (18 - as long as you can get on a horse) for beginners to advanced. No show circuit, just good basic riding instruction that you can take to whatever level you wish.

You will learn from the ground up: leading and handling, grooming, tack and saddling, lungeing, lameness, bandages and wraps, medications and topical applications, etc.

We have a couple of well trained Quarter Horses to use as well as some Thoroughbreds.

Instruction is by private lesson, unless requested for two (2). Lessons are hourly and part is ground work and part is in the saddle. English instruction is our stronger point, but we also offer Western instruction.

Please contact GEVA for rates. (707) 527-8092.

All funds* generated through any of GEVA's events or activities go directly and exclusively to the ever-increasing cost of caring for the horses at the farm. We have no employees, so there are no salaries to pay. Any amount you can give is always appreciated.

*GEVA is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Any fees paid to GEVA are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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GEVA inc.
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