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Meet the horses of GEVA

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Halomylove - 2002 dark bay or brown Thoroughbred Filly

"Luvy" is a lightly raced 2002 dark bay or brown filly. She's sound because she wasn't a race horse long enough or run fast enough to injure herself. Smart filly. She's got a sweet disposition and is currently courting The Barking Shark, along with the other of Shark's favorites, Dawaytostorm.

Klassy Son - 1997 Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"Klassy" the athlete, also has quite the personality. His bowed tendon has set so he will not be compromised in any future career. He seems to never get enough attention and clammers for more by pawing in his water trough.

Light the Avenue - Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"Light" was owned and bred by Golden Eagle Farm, the leading breeder in California. However, instead of the Mabees, owners of Golden Eagle Farm, taking him home to retire, he's been with GEVA since he stopped racing due to mutliple chips in his knees. He appears sound, but there's a lot of wear and tear in those knees.

Lotto Joe - 1984 Dark Bay Standardbred Gelding

"Joe" is a Standardbred that has been ridden, but prefers to be driven. He rules over the other horses in his pasture - all Thoroughbreds, and is really "bomb-proof".

Mamaison Riser - 1994 Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding

"Frenchie" arrived at the farm with a fractured sesamoid, which has long since healed well. His flaxen mane and tail make him a striking individual. He and his paddock-mates do a lot of playing around.

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