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Mr. Moore (Bones) - 1993 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"Bones" is his nickname and he's quite an individual. He arrived with a known suspensory injury and an unknown systemic infection, which caused him to lose weight to the point he was nicknamed "Bones". However, through sheer determination to live and after a month long course of antibiotics, he overcame the infection, laminitis, and more. Bones is still with us and could teach many horses a few lessons on life.

Phar Cone - 1988 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"Bugsy" got his nickname from his white eye. He raced and won several times in Oregon before he was retired with a fractured sesamoid. He has long since recovered and retired and spends his days the way many of us would like to - with no stress.

Wreckless Native - 1996 Dark Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

This horse arrived at the farm as a still growing three year old with a bowed tendon. He has grown indeed - to well over 17 hands. He's earned himself the title of "Fonzy" due to his "cool" alpha attitude which dominates those around him. He definitely seeks to be the center of attention. Fonzy is retired.

Speedy Affair - 1998 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

Speedy has a chip in his knee, but it doesn't seem to bother him now that he's not racing. He's a fairly small horse in size and bone, but nobody told him that. He enjoys challenging his companions to a game of almost anything, and usually comes out ahead.

Take the Points - 1996 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding

"TP" had a bowed tendon that caused his early retirement from racing. He's healed and sound, enjoying his life of leisure and not sure if he really wants to relinquish his idle time for a second career.

Wheatley Hill - 1997 Dark Bay Thoroughbred Mare

"Miss Wheatley" arrived with a fractured sesamoid, quite aloof and untrusting. She's healed well, and now is almost a nuisance wanting to be in the middle of things, but she's always a welcome nuisance.

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