Pam Berg inducted into the 2011 Equus Hall of Fame

By GEVA on December 1, 2011 in News

Pamela Berg has been inducted into the Equus Hall of Fame for her twenty years of dedication to helping horses in need in Sonoma County. Pam can’t remember a life without horses. She grew up doing all the crazy things kids do – and miraculously avoided injury: jumping bareback without reins, jumping “problem” horses, and barrel racing.

She attempted the Hunter/Jumper show circuit in her teens, but realized she really wasn’t competitive. Pam decided early to work with horses for her own pleasure and accomplishments, with their wellbeing in mind. Pam will tell you, “They taught me so much!”

In her adulthood she continued her love for horses by schooling, breeding, training, and a enjoying a long career as a steward in racing. It was there that she recognized the need for a retirement and rehabilitation foundation for injured and needy horses, and also the need to teach people the skills to work with horses in a safe and humane manner. Pam saw too many horses needlessly euthanized for injury or sent off to slaughter. In 1995, Pam founded Glen Ellen Vocational Academy (GEVA, inc), a nonprofit retirement and rehabilitation foundation for horses. Since then, GEVA, inc has rehabbed, helped place, or simply offered safe haven for thousands of horses. GEVA, inc houses about thirty horses at a time, usually injured Thoroughbreds, but does not discriminate against any horse in need. GEVA, inc also tries to place horses they cannot accommodate. GEVA, inc has no employees and is dependent on the dedication of volunteers and donors. GEVA, inc welcomes both for the welfare of the horses we all love so dearly.

Pam has many qualifications indispensable to the equine industry. The Jockey Club has certified her as a horse identifier. The California Horse Racing Board has designated Pamela a trainer and a steward. She has received the national Dogwood Dominion Award and the Sonoma County Ursula Liarcos Award for her dedication to horses in need. She is a nationally recognized expert witness and equine consultant, all of which she does to benefit GEVA, inc and the horses.

From on the Sonoma County Horse Council website

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