Bay Area Backroads & KRON 4 TV Visit GEVA at Glen Ellen Farms

By GEVA on November 1, 2007 in News

Doug McConnell of Bay Area Backroads fame visited GEVA’s facilities at Glen Ellen Farms to shoot a segment for inclusion in their KRON TV segment on Glen Ellen to air in March or April of 2008.

Doug had a great time visiting with the horses during the interview and filming. He even had the opportunity to ride Macho Man, a retired Grand Prix Dutch Warmblood who is now 25 years old.

They were interested in the vocational training we offer here along with the retirement and rehabilitation facilities for the horses. The programs we offer for vocational training, re-schooling horses, clinics, seminars, etc. are available by contacting GEVA inc. through the website. Please also keep us in mind for any needs for horses or legal advice on equine matters, please think of GEVA inc. for any of your legal equine since Pam does work as an expert witness and consultant on equine matters.

Doug commented during the visit that the horses were relaxing to him. They certainly can have a therapeutic value to all associated with them.

GEVA’s part of the program (below) starts at 5:50. (Unfortunately, the video is no longer available)

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